Big Impact Requires Bold Action.


Our Approach

Faced with the chaos inherent in running a business, we help companies rediscover their purpose and reveal their boundless opportunity.



Who We Are

822 Group is a values-based transformation consultancy.

We are founded on the idea that every organization is inherently perfect. We exist to shine a light on that truth. Through a tailored approach, we work with leaders and their teams to get to the root of systemic issues, build visionary leaders, help inspire the workforce and create purpose-driven brands that connect with customers.



Our Services


Calming the Chaos

First, we diagnose the root cause of obstacles.

Organizational Pain Point Analysis

Meeting Facilitation

Leadership Trust Assessment

Vision + Values Evaluation

Brand Resonance

Crisis Response and Management


Transforming Through Purpose

Once we know what's going on, we create a realistic achievement plan.

Purpose-led Business Strategy

Vision and Value Articulation +Storytelling Workshops

Values and EQ Coaching

Culture Revitalization Workshops

Branding + Messaging Consultation

Executive Coaching + Vision Mapping

Leadership Alignment


“822 Group are the flashlights in the dark. They simplify the complex, align the scattered, and bring clarity to disorder.”

What Our Clients Are Saying


The Results

Unlocking Boundless Opportunity

The result? A sense of purpose and authenticity only we can deliver. 


Emotionally Intelligent Workforce

Increased Customer Loyalty

Culture Revitalization

Increased Collaboration

Employee Retention

Brand Differentiation

Efficiency + Productivity

Inspiring Leaders/ship

Clarity + Direction

Workforce Cohesion

Organizational Alignment

Happier Workplaces



 Our Values

We are real, connected and courageous. We know who we are and we’re always honest. We build bridges through listening, empathy, and understanding. We do the right thing, no matter what.