Who We Are

822 Group is a values-based transformation consultancy.

We help companies address the chaos inherent in running a business by reconnecting them to their truth - and thereby revealing boundless opportunity.

We are founded on the idea that every organization is inherently perfect. We exist to shine a light on that truth. Through a tailored approach, we work with leaders and their teams to get to the root of systematic issues, build visionary leaders, help inspire the workforce and create purpose-driven brands.

About Mory

Mory, CEO and Founder, is a speaker, expert facilitator and transformation consultant. After two decades as a strategy lead in traditional marketing and communications agencies, Mory recognized a common reality: companies have become reactionary rather than purposeful which means that many are not ultimately achieving their mission. Mory believes that what an organization needs is to face the truth of old patterns and lead with their purpose and values in order deliver on their mission and unlock new levels of success.