Our Services


Calming The Chaos

Using research, data, and emotional intelligence, we diagnose the root causes of your obstacles and shine a light toward a new path forward.

•Organizational Pain Point Analysis

•Deep Dive Workshops

•Leadership Trust Index

•Vision + Values Evaluation

•Brand Research + Media Presence

Transforming Through Truth

Once we know what’s really going on, we work with you to set a revitalized north star and build a roadmap toward achieving your mission.

•Purpose-led Business Strategy

•Vision and Value Articulation +Storytelling Workshops

•Values Coaching

•Culture Revitalization Workshops

•Branding + Messaging Consultation

•Executive Coaching + Vision Mapping


“822 Group are the flashlights in the dark. They simplify the complex, align the scattered, and bring clarity to disorder.”

What Our Clients Are Saying